Reserva Marina de la Masia Blanca

We propose you to dive into one of the country's richest marine reserves, Masía Blanca, on a snorkeling trip. Get ready to immerse yourself today!

The sandy beach next to the la riera (dry creek bed) of the Masía Blanca is already a good attraction, with its dunes created by the action of the wind. But if you put on the flippers, glasses and the tube and you throw yourself into the water you will discover a new world. The marine reserve is made up of coral communities' perpendicular to the coast and large meadows of oceanic posidonia (an alga endemic to the Mediterranean).

A great biological diversity is hidden: species of invertebrates like octopuses, sepia, or vertebrates like groupers, gilt-head beam...

When you float with these views of the bottom of the sea you immediately realize how little we know the marine half of our planet. In the Tourism Office of El Vendrell they organize an auquatic classroom that will serve as an introduction to the reserve and will guide you to the most spectacular part with all the snorkel equipment included. Children are welcome if they are accompanied and can swim.