Correfoc means 'firerun' in Catalan. The correfoc is a very popular Catalan and Spanish fire event which is often seen at local neighbourhood festivals in Catalonia, Spain. It is not an old tradition. It is thought that is originated in 1978 at the annual Barcelona Merce festival.
What is a correfoc? A correfoc can have many forms. It is generally organised by 'colles de diables' which means 'groups of devils' who dress as devils and wave pitchforks with firecrackers attached. The devils sometimes chase along streets or just dance to the beat of drums while sparks fly out their pitchforks.
The diables carry all sorts of firework launchers and spectators are welcome to interact by chasing and dodging them. Earplugs are recommended. Cover your hair and wear old clothes. Scroll down for full list of safety precautions for watching fireruns.

You can see correfoc fire events at many local festivals including our Festa Major in July. Correfocs are highly colourful but can be a bit scary for small children because of the loud bangs and showers of sparks flying through the air close to the spectators. Often there are often special 'childrens' correfocs, which are slightly less firey!

Safety Tips for watching Correfoc firerun
> Protect yourself from burns. Wear old cotton clothes, long sleeves, trousers,
> Protect your neck from flying sparks with a scarf or bandana
> Protect your hair by wearing headgear
> Protect your eyes. Shield them if the 'diables' get too close
> Wear appropriate footwear like sneakers.
> Use earplugs or cover your ears to if you are close to fireworks
> Follow the instructions of public services official and the 'diables'