El Montmell

El Montmell

Climb to the highest summit of the Sierra del Montmell, the Talaia, good viewpoint of the region and the southern mountains of Catalonia.
Tour of 4 km.
Duration 1 h. 30 min.
The starting point of this route is La Juncosa del Montmell, arriving down the road TP-2401 from La Bisbal del Penedes. On the outskirts of La Juncosa, to the north in the mountains of Montmell, is a picnic area where you can park your vehicle to start the hike.

We must place ourselves at the entrance to the playground and take center court.

Just then, we have to turn left and continue uphill to get to church Nova, half in ruins, situated on the left side of the track. A little higher up, not far from the church and ten minutes from the parking lot, we must take a path that goes from the right.
Five minutes later, the slope of this path decreases and displays a detour to the right to follow, up the south side of the mountain.

  At twenty minutes, we passed the humble but beautiful chapel of Sant Miquel del Montmell, which seems about to fall because of the large slope. The climb continues to the left. The road will lead us to a small hill that makes dividing line between Castle Hills Montmell and Creu.

At 25 minutes we reach the pass. On the left is the castle.
We must continue to the right to reach the cross which is at the top of the hill.
From here you can see the Talaia. The road loses altitude, we will recover after reaching 860 m in the Talaia. In less than an hour, you reach the lookout all the Baix Penedès, the Talaia of Montmell. The Return via the same path.