The Sanctuary

Historical evidence exists that in year 888 a chapel dedicated to the Mother of God was established in Montserrat. Two hundred years later, in 1025, monks Benedictines settled down a monastery there and they cared the sanctuary and offered hospitality to thousands of visitors who travel every month there to honour the old statue of Ntra. Señora.  In the slope of the mountain you can see an hermitage placed next to the cave where was found the Virgin of Montserrat.


Located approximately to 20 km to the northwest of Barcelona, in centre  of Catalonia region, the monastery and sanctuary are against a mountain, called Montserrat, Catalan word that means “serrated mountain" , or cut by a mountain range, because their numerous rock formation shines like the teeth of a mountain range.
Different from any other mountain in the world, such formations, being highest, they are smooth with giant fingers forms from a wonderful hand. They would seem it had carved as if them and formed a prodigious hand. These mountains are a perennial attraction for the one that loves climb the mountains feeling challenged by the perpendicular ascent.

The Sanctuary is located in the heights and only exceeds the high peaks. Nevertheless, the monastery underwent an almost total destruction during the Napoleonic invasion. This destruction continued during civil wars and the revolutionary disorders. With the desecration of the monastery, the monks changed themselves towards other foundations; but they returned with renewed vitality, and in just a short time they finished the reconstruction. The constructions were saved during Spanish Civil War, from 1936 to 1939.