La Calçotada

For who does not know it, “calçotada” is a meal in which people dedicate themselves to eat “calçots”. Calçot is a specie of hybrid between tender garlic and the onion that usually is consumed accompanied with delicious sauce. Its consumption is one of the most important tradition in...

La ruta del Xató

El xató sólo tiene un Xató only has a secret. Its sauce. A sauce where all the ancestral wisdom of our town is accumulated. We will have an excellent balsam to go with any meal. Like when the wine merchant came through the wine warehouses and once realised the tasting, guests were...


¡Como no! Estamos en El Penedès. Que mejor que visitar alguna bodega y degustar sus vinos y cavas: Janè Ventura Cooperativa de l´Arboç